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We Prioritize The Following

  • Responsibility
  • Employees First
  • Accountability
  • Cooperation
  • Teamwork

Company Health and Safety Policy

Allco Electrical Ltd. is committed at every level ensuring the safety of our staff, properties where we conduct business and the general public.  As the first electrical contractor to be COR certified in Manitoba we have proudly maintained and expanded on this status for over 25 years.


We have a strong safety training program.  We ensure that all our staff from management, foremen, to apprentices are properly equipped with current knowledge on the equipment they are using as well as surrounding elements that require safety attention.  We are continually updating and improving safety training.


Our Safety Committee is the heart of our program.  We have weekly safety talks on each job site and meet monthly as a committee.  This is where our best ideas are brought forward, concerns are shared and safety is maintained as an integral part of our daily operations. Safe work practices bring success to every aspect of our business.